Why Choose a Boutique Fitness Studio Over a Big Box Gym

At Body Balance, the community spirit of health and wellness is strong!

For over 20 years, Body Balance has focused on creating a welcoming, personalized wellness community, or what many are calling a boutique fitness studio. As people are looking to return to gyms or rev up their regular fitness routines during these prolonged challenges of COVID, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what we offer, and why. 

We wanted to highlight what sets a boutique gym like ours apart. 

In the fitness industry, there are many ways to work with people to achieve fitness and health goals. In the years before we opened Body Balance, we’d tried a few different approaches. Based on that experience, we decided that this was the best way we could share our passion for health and fitness with others. 

The Big Box Gym vs. the Boutique Gym

At the most basic level, the gym experience is divided into two types of offerings: the big box gym and the boutique gym. Big box gyms tend to offer lower-priced memberships and provide a large selection of gym equipment that you are free to use as you please. 

Boutique gyms tend to cost a bit more, but they offer more personalized services or they offer fitness programs with instructions, either in group settings or one-on-one. They also tend to focus on creating community around fitness. 

Some of the popular big box gyms you may be familiar with include 24-Hour Fitness and Gold’s Gym. Some of the larger boutique gyms you might have heard of include SoulCycle and Orange Theory: they offer smaller classes that follow a particular type of program and build community around an interest in that type of working out.

While Body Balance fits into this second category of boutique offerings, we stand apart in the areas of customization and personalization: everything we do is designed for the client we’re working with. 

We also very intentionally offer services that cater to the three pillars of wellness: movement, rest and recovery through massage, and nutrition.

OK, those are the broad strokes of what we’re about: let’s get into some details about what we offer and why.

Why We’re Passionate About Personalization

Every single body is different as is every person’s journey to wellness. We love developing the fitness and movement program that will work for your specific needs, and that will grow and change with your goals over time.

This is certainly the focus of our one-on-one personal trainer sessions. And we intentionally keep our group classes small so that we help each person with adjustments as needed. We also love the ability to adapt quickly to changing times. When everything shifted in 2020, we moved quickly to create virtual sessions online, so that we could continue to help clients in a time of great need. Our highest priority is the well-being of each and every individual client. 

At Body Balance, we also recognize that different populations have different needs, and there are always new approaches to fitness being developed. Our trainers continually educate themselves about what new ideas they can bring to clients and how we can best serve each individual, whatever their age, health condition, or fitness goals.

We work with clients ranging from avid athletes to those who use the assistance of a wheelchair or walker; we’ve worked with adolescents and clients in their 80s, and every age in between. We truly welcome everyone.

Body Work: The Feel Good Experience to Health and Healing

Whole body wellness isn’t all about work and effort. In fact, the actual act of getting healthier and fitter is in the rest. During our workouts, we’re stressing our systems—in a good way. It’s during rest and sleep that our body is getting stronger. 

One way to assist the body on that healing process is body work or massage. This is exactly why we’ve made massage a part of our business from day one. Massage can be “ahhhh” relaxing, a time to settle down and release day-to-day tension. But it’s also so much more. Regular massages are a wonderful and effective way to relieve stress and promote continued wellness. And they can be geared toward helping you heal a particular injury or discomfort. 

Body Balance body workers are all certified massage therapists, with years of experience. And many are trained in additional bodywork techniques. Ever wonder, for instance, if cupping might be just what you need to help increase blood flow and unlock stuck areas? We have therapists who do that, and more. We welcome you to explore all of the wellness therapies we offer, and we’re always here to answer your questions. 

Food As Fuel for Living Well

It’s no secret, how you nourish your body contributes greatly to your overall wellness. So, we offer nutrition coaching. We work with you to find eating solutions that work and teach you strategies to develop a sustainable health journey. We don’t preach dieting or quick fixes: at Body Balance, we want to arm you with the knowledge and motivation you need to make healthy choices for the long haul. That’s why we offer “coaching”: we know you’re the one putting in the effort, and we’re here to support and guide you.

We believe that small steps over time lead to great changes that will last a lifetime.

We’re More than Boutique Fitness Center: We’re a Community that’s Here for You

At Body Balance, we work to offer more than wellness services: we’ve created a wellness community. When you arrive, you’re part of the Body Balance family. We say it all the time, because it’s true: your well-being is our passion. 

We welcome you to join us. 

Cherie Turner

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