Virtual Personal Training With Body Balance: What Clients Are Saying


a personal trainer with exercise equipment

Body Balance personal trainer and co-owner John Perez.

Body Balance personal training, nutrition coaching, and wellness classes are here for you! We’re very excited to get creative in these unusual times.

We want to express our deep gratitude for all of the support and loyalty we’re experiencing from our clients and community; we’re doing everything we can to honor that and keep our Body Balance family strong!

Our trainers are offering 1-on-1 virtual fitness training: work out with us using your chosen video conferencing platform. We’re conducting sessions from our gym to the comfort of your home, and it’s a blast. It’s our way of helping to keep you motivated, on track with your fitness goals, and connected to our supportive Body Balance community.

No at-home gym or workout equipment? No problem! We work with what you have. With our over 20 years of experience, we’ve developed a huge backlog of exercises and routines that we can fashion for any environment. Keep your moment, or start a new fitness regime. We are here to help.

We’re thrilled to say, our clients are really enjoying these new offerings and the ability to keep up their personal training and fitness routine. Maintaining consistency in some parts of life has great benefits when so many other things are chaotic or up in the air.

Of course, we’re so thankful to be able to stay connected!

Here’s what clients are saying . . .

Sonja R. on her virtual workouts . . .

“I never thought I would be doing virtual workouts, but as they say, never say never! John and Kristi have done a wonderful job of putting together virtual workouts for me and my workout partner. The creativity and thought that is given into transforming our regular workouts into virtual ones is amazing. We have had to use some different equipment or techniques to complete the exercises, but it has worked out very well. I do not feel as though I’m missing out on anything. If you haven’t tried virtually working out, please give it a try. Expanding your horizons should be part of everyone’s mental and physical growth.”
A woman using exercise equipment at a gym during a personal training workout

Body Balance client Sonja R. has taken the leap to virtual personal training!

Ann H. on her virtual workouts . . .

“I am really enjoying the virtual workouts with John and Donna during the stay-at-home order. It only took us a few minutes the first time on FaceTime to get my iPad in the right place so I could see John and he could see me. I am very glad to be able to continue my workouts; I always feel better afterwards and am so happy that I don’t have to forgo them because we have to stay home right now. Doing a workout on FaceTime has been easy and fun; it is great to be able to stay connected with my friends at Body Balance!”
Woman shown doing exercises at home during video conference personal training session

Body Balance client Ann H. doing her workout at home during a live virtual personal training session.

Set Up Your 1-on-1 Sessions Today

Interested in setting up your personal training sessions or starting a new fitness routine? We are open for (virtual) business! We also offer customized workout programs you can do yourself: this package includes an assessment, a session to go over your personalized workout, and weekly text interactions to help keep you on track. These are perfect for anyone who prefers to work out on their own time but benefits from the guidance of a fitness professional.

We welcome you to contact us today for your at-home personal training and fitness needs.

Photos of several different personal trainers demonstrating workout exercises in a gym.

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