Tips for a Healthy Immune System

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At Body Balance, we love to inspire wellness and look on the bright side of life. And, wow, is 2020 challenging us to dig deep at times to find those bright sides! But where we’re challenged, we get stronger.
And to gain strength, you need a solid foundation. When we‚ are talking about the foundation of our mental and physical wellbeing, that means maintaining a strong immune system. The beautiful part of that mission is that it is only a matter of focusing on a few‚ we’ll keep it to an easy five basic guidelines.


Rest and recovery are where we build wellness. Many people think that you gain strength and fitness when you’re lifting the weights or running the miles. No so! It’s during your recovery time that your body builds health and wellness.
And sleep is the ultimate recovery method. Period. Sleep also sets the tone for your day, from your mood to your energy level to how well your brain functions. Sleep kicks it all off.
Sleep is so important, in fact, that sleep deprivation challenges are now banned by the Guinness World Records: lack of sleep is that detrimental to your wellness. But on the flip side, consistently getting your 7 to 8 nightly hours establishes an excellent wellness base.


It is undeniable: a body that is well nourished functions better and can fight off illness better. A huge added benefit is that good nutrition makes you feel better, too.
There is also no denying that in times of stress and uncertainty, healthy diets can get derailed. If the suggestion to eat healthy causes you to feel overwhelmed, take a breath and just focus on one thing you can do today to improve how you fuel your body. Maybe it is cutting out soda or eliminating fast food. Maybe it is choosing the salad over the onion rings.
Like with all healthy lifestyle habit, small changes made consistently pay off huge over the long haul. Your future self will rejoice in your choices today.


Bodies are meant to move. To keep your immune system strong, make exercise a regular habit. Structured workouts, like you do with a personal trainer or as part of a training program are fantastic for well-rounded fitness and strength, but remember that all movement counts.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take the long way home on a walk. Get out of your chair and swing your arms, stretch, do a few jumping jacks. If you are feeling sluggish mentally, psychologically, or emotionally, movement is a great antidote.
Overall, it is best if you can get in a mix of movement: cardio work, strength workouts, and range-of-motion and stretching exercises. A steady habit of this diversity will help keep you fit and moving easily.


We are social creatures. We need each other to survive and thrive. That makes this time of being physically distant from each other especially tough.
While it is most rewarding to actually be in someone’s presence, even a phone call or video chat can provide a fulfilling boost.
A supportive phone call, an empathetic ear, an expression of love, these things can bolster the immune system on a molecular level as states a recent Washington Post article. Whether you are the recipient or the giver, kindness is good for your health.
Reach out in any way you can, for your wellness and the wellness of those you care about.


OK, so science hasn’t definitely proved that laughter is the best medicine, but we do know that stress reduction is important for a strong immune system. We also know that when we’re laughing, we’re not stressing. Ergo, get some laughter, play, fun, humor, and smiles into your life, stat!
Find a comedy TV show, podcast, or stand-up comedian. Read a funny book. Play goofy games with your grandkids via Skype (this gets you double immune system points because you’re also connecting with another person).
When life starts to feel heavy, find the lighter side by sharing a few laughs.

Now More Than Ever

In this time when so much is fluctuating and we’re called on to readjust from moment to moment, it’s more important than ever that we keep ourselves strong and healthy.
What new wellness practices are you turning to? We’d love to hear the ways that you’re keeping your immune system strong and your wellness well-tuned.

Cherie Turner

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