Teresa Papadopoulos

Master Life Coach
Energy Healer & Bodyworker 

Teresa is a Trauma Informed Master Life Coach, Energy Healer and Bodyworker of over 18 years with a Masters and Certification in Integrative Health Coaching. She founded Breakthru Wellness Coaching + Bodywork years ago to support busy, stressed out professional women take back their time, regain their energy and find grounding in even the most chaotic moments of life. www.breakthruwellnesscoaching.com.

She has supported hundreds of women to relieve stress, make healthy life choices, and build a stronger capacity for self love and connection to their body.

Using a synergy of Energy healing and Bodywork, Somatics, Psychology based tools and traditional Wellness Coaching, Teresa helps with healing old wounds and releasing old stories so her clients can find lasting wellness from the inside out.

With over 10 years working with pain and injury in chiropractic, physical therapy and Integrative wellness clinics, Teresa offers therapeutic deep tissue massage tailor made for each client, exclusively at Body Balance.

“My Mission is to help as many women as I can to find the connection and safety in their body and mind so they can live healthy lives and thrive in a grounded and deeply self secure way.”

Teresa P.