Pamela Smiley


Certified Massage Therapist

Pamela instantly remembers what inspired her to become a massage therapist: “I was in my mid-20s,” she recalls. “I was in Las Vegas and I got a massage. It had such an impact on me. I thought, If I can make other people feel even half that good, that would be fantastic.”

Today, Pamela has almost thirty years of experience bringing people to better health through hands-on healing. She has studied numerous modalities including Swedish, trigger point, sports massage, and deep tissue work, as well as assisted stretching. She likes to regularly switch up techniques so as not to have her clients get bored, and also to find ways to “trick” the body into releasing unwanted tension, making each session a unique experience, specific to that client in that moment based on Pamela’s read on the person and where they’re at.

For Pamela, this work is truly her passion, or as she says, “Massage is art from the heart.” She continues, “It’s so rewarding for me to give. I feel like massage isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.”