Olivia Haidle


Certified Massage Therapist
ACE-Certified Personal Trainer

Olivia, who originally hails from the British Virgin Islands, discovered her interest in massage, health, and wellness when her sister was training
to be a masseuse. Watching her sister’s practice develop, Olivia “loved her lifestyle and the hands-on work,” and so decided to pursue the profession herself.

Early in her training, Olivia found her passion in therapeutic and sports massage: “It keeps me thinking because no two bodies are the same,”
she says. Among the techniques Olivia utilizes are myofascial release, the Graston Technique, cupping, trigger-point therapy, and SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment). She also has Rock Tape training.

Olivia specializes in working with clients who have been injured, be that from a car accident, a work related situation, or athletic pursuits; back injuries are especially common among her clients. Says Olivia, “I have a drive to search for what works for each individual and molding a treatment for healing.”