Kisha McKenith

Fitness Trainer

I’m Kisha a mother of 2 beautiful children. A mother who loves to hike, play tennis, and chase waterfalls. Who enjoys the simple things in life; laughter, love and working out.

My fitness journey started when I was unhappy with myself… Weighing almost 400 pounds, like many other woman, I used food to help with depression and fill that void that I was craving in my life. In the summer of 2016 I decided too take back my life and started working out with no sense of direction. I liked the way I felt when I worked out. Yes I was very unsatisfied with the way I looked. I got tired of being known as the big girl, so I took back control of my life. I worked out once a week which turned into five days a week of working out. When I lost my first 20 pounds I was so happy. I said, well maybe I could strive for more pounds? Then 20 pounds turned into 50 pounds, and the rest is history.

In seven months I lost 275 pounds! I accomplished this by eating right and working out. It became a habit! I realize that my passion was to always work out, so I studied, trained and got my certification as a personal trainer through ISSA. When I received my certification, it was one of the happiest days of my life.

That I finally found something that I loved doing I turned my passion into a career wanting to help people achieve their goals giving every person a chance to feel what I felt when I lost my first 20 pounds. Yes, like others, I did feel frustration at times, like I’m not gonna be able to accomplish my goal. But, I had two beautiful kids who looked up to me, and pushed me harder every single day and then I knew that I can accomplish anything.

I want to help you achieve your goals. I want you to feel proud of yourself. I want you to make healthier life choices. With me as your coach I will get you there! I am passionate, I am considerate, and I am honest. Though there will be days that you want to give up, I will be there to push you harder so that YOU can accomplish your goals. Life is about living your full potential. Let me help you achieve your goals.

I specialize in HIIT cardio, boxing, and weightlifting with all ages!