John Perez

Body Balance Co-Founder

ACE-Certified Personal Trainer
Senior Specialist

John started his professional fitness career in 1984, training clients at high-profile gyms in New York City, where he was born and raised. While himself fit and strong, John experienced during this time severe spine problems, including several herniated discs. In his extensive search to heal himself, he landed with a physical therapist who created an intense regime to correct John’s faulty body movement, imbalances, and weaknesses – the root of his spine problems.

Diligently working seven days a week over seventeen months, John healed his spine, and in the process found his personal training calling: at the core of his practice is correcting imbalances and improper body mechanics through strength, stretching, and movement. John passionately shares his vast knowledge and expertise, and his infectious positive energy keeps clients engaged and motivated.