Cristina Moidel


Transformational Nutrition Coach

Hi there! I’m a wife, mother, and Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach who loves dance, Pilates, and art. For most of my life, I suffered from chronic stomach pain, autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s), swollen joints, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, and recurrent sinus infections. When Protonix, Synthroid, Zoloft, Claritin, and many rounds of antibiotics didn’t alleviate my symptoms, I knew I had to take my power back and find the answers on my own. My husband and children were depending on me; giving up was not an option. Plus, my mom and all three of my siblings had also been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I knew if I could find solutions for myself that I could share what I learned with them and improve their lives, so I read as much as I could about reversing autoimmune disease, then I accomplished it by changing what I ate and how I lived my life.

Around the same time, my brother was diagnosed with cancer in his small bowel. After chemotherapy, he got a clean scan, but several months later it came back, traveled through his lymph system, and in the summer of 2014, it took his life. Seeing him in pain, unable to eat, getting so weak and watching him die instilled in me a passion to help other people avoid this kind of pain.

Since then I’ve been able to turn my own health around in a big way, I’ve been able to help many other people, and I can help you do the same! I now see my poor health as a gift. Health education is my passion and purpose – offering hope for healing from the inside out.