The Fitness Friend Challenge: Month Two


Rob and Dave putting in the effort, together.

Welcome to the second monthly installment following the ten-month Fitness Friend Challenge, where we’re tracking the fitness and nutrition journey of two clients, Dave Liebman and Rob Perez, whom we introduced last month. Each month we’ll check in with the guys after they get their monthly
assessment, which assesses body composition, weight, and circumference measurements of numerous body parts. These are the parameters that will determine who wins the big prize of an allexpenses paid trip, paid for by the one who’s numbers aren’t as favorable come October.

To recall, Rob and Dave joined forces, under the watchful eye of personal trainer John Perez and nutrition coach Kristi Reed to embark on their fitness and health journey. Both men were at their wits end with not being able to keep off excess weight and commit to an overall healthy lifestyle; as inspiration and to offer mutual support, they put a wager on the line to jumpstart a renewed commitment to fitness and healthy eating and living.

So where are we now? The guy’s numbers just about matched this month: they both gained about two pounds, lost about two inches, and lost about 5% body fat! It’s important to remember here that muscle does weigh more than fat, so these numbers are promising! Both Rob and Dave have been committed to their three-times-a-week workouts at Body Balance, and Rob has consistently shown up on Sundays to complete his three miles of walking as the Ken Mercer Sports Park in Pleasanton. Around nutrition, Dave has reported that he’s eating better now than in the past, but isn’t following the meal plan to the letter. He expressed frustration that he hadn’t made greater progress. As regards Rob’s nutrition, he says he’s been challenged by portion control. Also, thinking that because of his increase in movement—he’s working out five to six days a week total—he didn’t have to be quite so dedicated to the meal plan, he also hasn’t followed it strictly. He’s committed to refocusing on nutrition and says he loves drinking more water. He also notes that he feels more flexible, finds work to be less stressful, is sleeping better, and has better energy throughout the day; importantly as well, he has noticed his back doesn’t hurt as much.

While Rob and Dave have stuck to the movement part of their program, but have been more challenged by the nutritional aspect, Kristi is stepping up the coaching. To start, she’ll be taking the
guys grocery shopping to help make sure they are getting the items they need to follow the plan. She’ll also be redoubling her oversight of their intake to help them create better eating habits. A side happy happening that’s gaining momentum is that the Sunday walking excursions at the Sports Park have turned into a community building event, around fitness and movement. To show support of Rob and Dave, family members, friends, and Body Balance staff have begun to show up in greater numbers to walk with the guys and also do their own training. As to the latter, it’s dove-tailed into also being a time for people to get together to train for the upcoming Rugged Maniac obstacle course race and mud run, which will take place May 27 at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the group, whatever your movement interests and whatever level of fitness you are currently at!

Keep your eyes open in next month as we continue to follow Dave and Rob’s fitness challenge!

Cherie Turner

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