Personal Training

Personal Training

At Body Balance, your personal trainer will create a fitness program that is individualized, safe, and effective. Our personal training style stresses functional movement, proper form, and correcting muscle and postural imbalances to achieve greater strength, fitness, and pain-free mobility. We welcome clients of all ages and ability levels, from the senior client seeking balance and stability, to the competitive athlete with a marathon PR goal. Our personal trainers specialize in a wide range of populations and interests, from those who want to box, lift big weights, improve their golf game, or complete endurance challenges to those who are dealing with health issues such as dementia or Parkinson’s – and everyone in-between. We are thrilled to and experienced at welcoming a very diverse clientele.

Working in a private studio, you and your personal trainer will engage in a series of exercises that will focus on helping you achieve strong muscles and bones, joint mobility and stability, cardiovascular endurance, balance and coordination, flexibility and myofascial release for a personalized total body workout and lifestyle fitness program.

Body Balance offers individual, partner, and trio training, as well as small group classes. Together, we will focus on your specific individualized goals to help promote a balanced body and maximize your fitness potential.

To begin your fitness lifestyle journey, we invite you to contact us and set a time to meet with a Body Balance personal trainer for a complimentary consultation and a tour of our facilities.

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Single Session (55 minutes) – $130

4-Pack Single Sessions/Monthly – $460 ($115/Session)

8-Pack Single Sessions/Monthly – $840 ($105/Session)

12-Pack Single Sessions/Monthly – $1200 ($100/Session)

Personalized Home Exercise Program – $125


*Please Note:
-Monthly rates are for month-to-month – no rollovers
-We have a 24-hour cancellation policy
-Rates are subject to change
-Rate adjustments may occur for individual trainers; we will alert you before you book your sessions