Fitness For Seniors


At Body Balance, clients of all ages experience the benefits of a personal trainer.

At Body Balance we have vast experience providing specialized one-on-one training for older adults. We have worked with seniors of many health, ability, and fitness levels.

Our senior clients range from those who are healthy and active to those recovering from a stroke or other cardiac events, or managing other health events or diseases such as Alzheimer’s or cancer. We welcome clients who are independently¬† mobile as well as those who require walkers or wheelchairs.

When working with seniors, Body Balance trainers focus on a holistic approach addressing stability and balance, cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, mobility and proper bodu mechanics, and memory retention – each as is appropriate. We recognize that much of the disability, disease, and pain that we experience as we age is due more to inactivity than simply aging. We see firsthand the difference our programs make! It’s never too late to improve your health through movement.


Cherie Turner

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