Fitness Assessments

Fitness Assessment

Join a Body Balance personal trainer for a comprehensive fitness assessment to assist in designing your individualized exercise program. These personalized assessments allow us to work together to find your strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances, as well as get an overview of your body mechanics and functional movement abilities, so that we can determine areas for improvement and develop a path to get you to your fitness goals. The 120-minute assessment includes the following:

  • Review assigned paperwork and forms
  • Discuss screening and testing
  • Weigh-in, body fat analysis, and circumference measurements
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Cardiovascular, muscular endurance, strength and flexibility testing
  • Corrective Exercise Structural assessment: a verbal, a visual and a hands-on assessment
  • Postural analysis and gait analysis
  • Fall prevention screening (as needed)
  • Balance and coordination screening (as needed)
  • “Before” digital photos and/or videos (optional)
  • A personalized fitness program that includes home exercises

To begin your fitness lifestyle journey, we invite you to contact us and set a time to meet with a Body Balance personal trainer for a complimentary consultation and a tour of our facilities.



Initial Assessment (2 hours + 1 hour follow-up) – $299

Initial Senior Assessment (1 hour + 1 hour follow-up) – $249

Follow-Up Assessments – $120

Reassessment (monthly)

  • Qualitative assessment of progress to date, including review of goals as well as commitment, consistency, and accountability. And, if desired, quantitative assessment, including circumference measurements, weigh-in, and bioelectrical impedance (to measure body fat percentage).

Reassessment (every three months)

  • Review past comprehensive testing
  • Retest and review past screening results
  • Discuss new fitness goals
  • A new home and office exercise program for the next three months