Fitness and Nutrition Goals: The 30/30 Challenge Conclusion!

fish and salad arranged beautifully to show a meal that meets fitness and nutrition goals.

Meeting fitness and nutrition goals can look beautiful on the plate and taste even better!

Twenty-two Body Balance clients, friends, and family joined the 30/30 Challenge earlier this fall as one of their fitness and nutrition goals. The challenge has concluded and the results are in, so we spoke with personal fitness trainer John Perez and got some participant feedback to learn how it all worked out.

What Is the 30/30 Challenge?

As a reminder, the goal of the challenge was to exercise at least 30 minutes each day and stick to the Whole30 nutrition program for 30 days. John helped keep motivation high by keeping clients linked through a text group and by participating himself . . . in addition to being his always uplifting and energetic self!

The Body Balance fitness and wellness center also became a supportive hub where the 30/30 participants shared their experiences—before and after their personal training sessions, massages, or nutritional consultations.

The Results Are In!

John reports that the group lost a total of 105 combined pounds. Even though weight-loss wasn’t the primary goal, it inevitably was one many participants noticed. John noted that he always reminds people that if you’re eating nutritiously and getting enough movement into your life, the weight will take care of itself in most cases.

Five people stuck to the plan completely—and one of them was a preteen!—while others hit a few snags, but jumped right back in. Overall, participants had a positive response and learned about how their body reacts to certain foods.

Participants commented that they felt better overall and had more consistent energy. One client noticed a significant decrease in migraines, while others cutting out dairy reduced congestion or bloating. Removing carbs reduced bloating as well.

Participants found that the greatest lure away from the Whole30 program was alcohol, albeit some didn’t count this as a factor at all. Sugar and dairy were breakaway foods as well. For his part, John briefly tapped out after a particularly tough effort during week three: when he competed in the North Lake Tahoe Spartan obstacle course race. (Check out our next blog post to learn more about the Body Balance crew who’ve found a passion for Spartan racing, John included!)

30/30 in 2020!

The 30/30 Challenge was so popular and so many people want to do it again, or for the first time, that Body Balance fitness, massage, and nutrition is hosting another round in January. If you’re interested in joining the fun and starting your new year off by pursuing optimal wellness, please contact Body Balance. Stay tuned to the blog for more details.

Curious about Nutrition?

We welcome you to join Body Balance for the next 30/30 Challenge, and we also welcome you to check out our nutrition coaching services. We provide individualized nutrition couching to address any number of health and wellness issues, or if you’re simply looking to tune up your diet.

We mean it when we say it, our passion is your wellbeing. What nutrition and fitness goals can we help you with?


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